Manni is a forward-thinking artist with a very diverse approach to his music. Recently, he completed the works on a new album, which is a combination of various electronic music genres, including techno, deep house and nu disco, only to mention but a few. As one of the true pioneers of the Brazilian electronic music scene, Manni knows how to keep his sound fresh and inspiring, making for a driven, diverse and forward-thinking tone.


The 15 tracks on TAKE 6 feature various flavors, from old school vibes to impactful modern idea.


The sound of this release is very groundbreaking, and it feels like an amazing compendium of Manni’s outstanding production skills. This talented artist has created an album that’s has no fillers, and it’s all worthy of being played from top to bottom. There are many incredible tracks here, which are outstanding for their engaging structures and cool arrangements.


Released September 14, 2018 on Society 3.0 Recordings